Caplantic has bundled its technical know-how in the field of valuation under the operationally independent Caplantic Service GmbH.

We provide valuation services for real assets and financial instruments for a range of different applications. We support our clients in valuations for accounting purposes as well as strategic considerations such as investment decisions or scenario analyses. As a licensed valuer, we are fully eligible to act as an external valuer under the AIFM Directive.

In addition, we are pleased to support you in financial modelling, internal process optimisation and investment and performance reporting.

Automatization and IT-based processes have always been of high priority to us. This allows us to achieve the high quality our customers have come to expect in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Backed by this strong network, Caplantic can access extensive resources to ensure immediate and flexible support for even the most demanding projects.


Caplantic offers valuation services throughout the entire investment life cycle, from the asset acquisition, through the holding period, to the disposition of the asset.
When an asset is acquired, complete deal-modelling is performed based on available data room information and enhanced with analyses of performance indicators as well as scenario and decision analyses. During the holding period, an ongoing valuation takes place. This period also ensures ongoing variance analyses between actual and plan figures, model and process reviews, and the support and preparation for external audits. During the disposition of asset, we support the development of transaction models for a distribution to potential purchasers and create valuation reports.
We cover a wide range of national and international valuation standards and accounting principles including HGB, Lux GAAP and IFRS. We also observe - based on the reason for the valuation and the problem to be answered - industry standards of the IDW (Institute of German Financial Auditors), recognised international guidelines such as the International Private Equity Valuation Guidelines (IPEV) and recognised best practice concepts. By striving for absolute transparency for every party involved in the valuation process, we achieve consistent results in an efficient manner.


Caplantics valuation reports are adjusted to our customer’s requirements and their individual documentation and audit obligations. Due to our modular approach towards technology, we can react quickly to changing customer demands.
Our individualized reporting comprises the steps of data input, valuation and testing as well as reporting. The input of data includes the definition of the model aims, the implementation of business plans and parameters into the financial model and the definition of a proper peer group. Depending on the accounting framework and scope, impairment tests, fair value determinations, sensitivity analyses and estimates of investments are then carried out to determine their classification as Qualifying Infrastructure under Solvency II. To complete the process, information and results are compiled in a standardised document for internal or external purposes and made available to our customers.


In a market characterized by fast changing technologies and increasing complexity of regulatory as well as compliance issues, Caplantic provides reliable analysis and documentation for its clients, both for internal purposes and third parties.
With our advisory services, we help our customers address their challenges in the most efficient and effective manner.
In addition to independent opinions on the valuation of assets and funds, which include comprehensible and detailed valuation reports, we offer comprehensive methodological advice, including process and model consulting, for optimal processes. This offer can be extended by individual process documentation and the creation of guidelines.

Financial Modeling

Financial models often represent a significant risk for all parties involved in a transaction. Although they are the base of some of the most important deal terms, they are often proprietary in nature, intransparent and only handled by a small number of specialists.
We support our clients in creating transparent and comprehensive models in order to minimize model and process risks. For this purpose, we rely on current industry standards as well as our proven technologies.
In addition, we offer audits of existing models as well as updates and model conversions into transparent, readable formats adapted to internal and external addressees. Our range of services is being completed by ongoing support for revisions or updates during the entire life cycle of the transaction models.


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