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Investment Chances

After numerous years of the shipping crisis and continuous forecasts of short-term recoveries it has become almost impossible to make a reliable statement about the mid-term performance of this investment segment.

Caplantic does currently see various opportunities for investors in the shipping market, resulting in investments with attractive risk-return profiles. Despite a number of well-known investment mistakes made over the previous years by investors, the interest of institutional investors for this segment is still enormous.

Possibilities include opportunistic investments, such as shipping loans in the secondary market or real vessels, which are on the market as a result of a restructuring process.

In addition, the shipping market also offers forward-looking investment opportunities. Despite existing overcapacity of some segments due to technical innovations, changes in regulatory environment and adjustments of trade flows, various shipping companies currently aim to rejuvenate their fleets and therefore are looking for investors who can help finance them.

Together with its shareholders and partners Caplantic is currently developing a platform for various shipping investments.

What our experts say

The world trade functions as the driving force of affluence only based on increasingly efficient shipbuilding. Shipbuilding and marine engineering are industries of the future with large growth opportunities.

Dr. Reinhard Lüken
German Shipbuilding and Ocean Industries Association (VSM)

Our Expert for Shipping

Gregor Esenwein

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Market Snapshot
  • The bulk carrier market remains stagnant due to the low oil prices
  • Strong trend towards consolidation in the container market, stable with moderate levels
  • Inconsistent development in the tanker market, VLCC segment with good prospects