Since 2012 Caplantic has performed ongoing risk monitoring and reporting services on various bank loan portfolios. Caplantic’s approach includes the analysis of macroeconomic and sector specific developments, key risk and performance figures, early warning indicators and individual monitoring of high risk exposures.

For the analysis and monitoring of concentration risks and individual high risk exposures, Caplantic has integrated a Single Exposure Monitoring system in its risk management approach. The analysis is based on various risk parameters including rating information, collateral information and macroeconomic factors.

To provide our clients with the best possible results, we not only count on our analytical toolkit, but also make continuous efforts to refine our technical infrastructure. Through deployment of cutting-edge technologies we are building integrated solutions that combine efficient process handling with high quality results.


Our approach is built on the simple idea of presenting the often complex portfolio data in a clear and understandable fashion. Through customised reporting formats we help our customers to better understand and take full control of the developments in their investment portfolios.

Furthermore, our ability to work with complex and varied sets of data ensures prompt reactions to the ongoing economic and regulatory changes evident in the market today.

Beside having developed a broad toolkit for risk and exposure analysis on aggregated portfolio level, we can also provide in-depth analysis for individual (high-risk) exposures. Our standard toolkit consists of

  • Aggregate Portfolio Analysis
  • Sub-Portfolio Analysis
  • Portfolio Modelling
  • Single Exposure Monitoring


Caplantic has developed an integrated IT solution that incorporates all process steps of the portfolio monitoring work-flow.
The integrated IT solution combines data storage, data processing, data validation and output. Our innovative IT solution offers significant advantages for our customers:

  • Time savings
  • Enhanced Quality Management
  • Stronger focus on complex, in-depth analyses
  • Enabling of sophisticated ad-hoc analyses
Our solution is built around a mix of open source and proprietary software components. It is scalable and highly flexible as it is able to accommodate a great variety of data formats, portfolios, transactions and tasks such that it opens up opportunities for future business.


Lennart Metke


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Track Record
  • As of Q4 2018 Caplantic was actively monitoring loan portfolios totalling more than EUR 20bn. Besides more traditional asset classes like Corporates or Real Estate the outstanding portfolios included significant portions of Alternative Asset loans.