Since 2012 Caplantic has been active in the structuring, advising and servicing of transactions targeting the optimisation of financial institutions’ risk weighted assets (RWA). By leveraging our longstanding experience, we have managed to execute various large scale balance sheet securitisations that introduced both customised structural features, as well as diverse asset classes, to the European market.

By building a track record in the field of performing loan securitisations, we have met strong demand for innovative risk transfer solutions across the European lending space. Caused by the evolving regulatory environment as well as the changing economics of the lending market, we see strong opportunities for innovates products that not only solve the challenges of the banking space but also provide attractive risk/return profile for long-term investors.


The execution of a capital market transaction requires expert know-how and process knowledge. Caplantic is able to achieve significant polyvalence over the whole life cycle of a transaction.


Once a client identifies a need for action, e.g. risk or asset transfer solutions or co-investment opportunities in a single asset or diversified asset portfolio, Caplantic can supply a transaction implementation and servicing package spanning the full life cycle. All process steps are initially assessed through the use of macro & micro analysis, market research, asset identification and pricing guidance.


A high level of data availability, quality and integrity is necessary to ensure cost efficient transactions. Existing data sources need to be analysed to assess the viability for the planned transactions. This includes the development of necessary analysis and structuring tools. Caplantic has an extensive expertise in data management and is able to coordinate the relevant internal resources to ensure cost efficient transactions and the alignment to investor eligibility criteria.


Caplantic offers tailored deal advisory and structuring to correspond with the originator’s specific requirements.

The final deal structure is strongly influenced by the make up of the data. Third party advisory for investor due diligence is required to assess the compatibility between the trade and investors.

Caplantic helps to navigate the external implementation of the transaction and coordinates the communications process between the sponsor and potential investors, to enable the execution of a transaction at competitive conditions.


Caplantic has extensive experience with the internal implementation of large scale portfolio transactions.

Depending on the target transaction type the implementation of new and / or modification of existing processes can be necessary. Besides data supply and management, regulatory reporting and various IT aspects need to be considered.

We use our broad segment expertise to assist the client in finding the most efficient process set-up in the pre- and post-closing phase, in particular by formulating the necessary process steps and by helping to coordinate the involved parties.


Continuous reporting and analysis of the accumulated data tape is required to conform with investor requirements. Caplantic can provide comprehensive risk management services in the pre- and post-closing phase.

We have in strong track record in developing customized investor reports for different asset classes and portfolio types.


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