Alternative Asset Investments

Regulatory developments on the investor side, such as Solvency II, the recasting of the Investment Ordinance, the legal requirement for more independence from external ratings and the industry expertise needed for an investment are leading to a continuous need for new investment structures and product formats.

Caplantic is an accredited Financial Services Provider, as assigned by BaFin under § 32 (1 & 2) of the German Banking Act (KWG) and is therefore authorised to perform financial services for investment brokerage, investment consultancy and portfolio management. In addition to investment consultancy, Caplantic also provides portfolio and risk management services for Alternative Asset products. More information on investment formats.

Our understanding of Alternative Assets focuses upon the asset categories of Infrastructure & Energy, Shipping, Aviation, Real Estate and Private Equity.

Energy & Infrastructure

The interest of corporate investors in renewable energy and infrastructure investments remains high. Have a look at Caplantic´s services in this field.

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In the past 30 years, commercial air transportation figures have shown an average growth rate of 5% p.a., have doubled in size within 15 years and continue to show stable long-term growth rates. Gain first-hand information on currently available opportunities in the Aviation market.

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Despite the ongoing shipping crisis, certain segments of the industry still offer attractive investment opportunities. Gain first-hand information on currently available opportunities in the shipping market.

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Real Estate

The development of the German and European Real Estate markets have shown two very different facets of the market. The post crisis demand for sustainable investments in well-placed stable regions continues to grow. Gain first-hand information on currently available opportunities in the real estate market.

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Investment Formats

The continued regulatory developments for investors are leading to the development of new product formats. Caplantic provides funds with investment consultancy, portfolio and risk management all from a single point of contact.

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Head of Alternative Asset Investments

Dr. Jonas Probst

+49 (0) 511 99 99 31 00