Investment formats

Caplantic works together with its partners and investors to develop structures and formats to create the best possible investment solution under a regulatory and economic perspective. The following are certain example investment formats:

  • Direct investments into individual assets: The analysis, structuring and due diligence of new investment opportunities, through to the negotiations of the proposed structure, assistance with internal approval processes and closing of the transaction. External and internal assistance for both equity and well debt investments.
  • IIndividual investments into loans, debt positions or bonds: The completion of both the initial credit approval and ongoing review documentation, based on the German risk management requirements (MaRisk) for both banks and insurance companies. Similarly we can provide personal investment recommendations and guidance as well as the creation of the internal credit rating reports.
  • Portfolio management of debt products (e.g. credit funds): Caplantic can assume the portfolio management function in relation to debt products. If necessary Caplantic can also undertake the initial due diligence and loan valuation as well. In the case that the investor does not wish to have an investment committee, Caplantic is able to make the investment decision and prepare a continuous reporting for the investors.
  • Portfolio management of equity or mezzanine products (e.g. Equity Funds): (KVG):The detailed examination and execution of due diligence and valuation processes for possible investments. If the investor does not wish to have an investment committee, Caplantic can prepare the investment proposal and is able to make the investment decisions.
  • Risk management for financial investment companies (KVG): According to § 29 KAGB, a KVG needs to have an adequate risk management system, especially so that the main risks of the investment strategy can be seen, measured, adjusted and monitored at any given time. Caplantic is BaFin licensed and can therefore take on all aspects of this role with respect to the KVG.
  • Supervision of managed accounts: This investment format combines the specific investment criteria of an investor together with the professional account management expertise, as performed by Caplantic. The main difference to a conventional investment fund that are managed on behalf of a group of investors is that managed accounts are tailored to the individual criteria of a single investor to fit its needs to 100%.

Head of Alternative Asset Investments

Dr. Jonas Probst

+49 (0) 511 99 99 31 00

Caplantic investment formats
  • Direct investments
  • Bonds
  • Debt- and equity funds
  • Synthetic portfolio investments
  • Operating company structures
  • Securitisations
  • Individual structures based on customers’ requirements